IE domain specific DNS issues (Just after registration).

This article concerns customers who wish to change/set DNS on a brand new IE domain and receive an error.

If you have sent us documentation to secure your IE domain, the IEDR will email the email address provided with the registration once they accept the registration in full. From there, the IEDR will verify your DNS before putting the domain live in the next IE domain zone reload (this happens every second odd hour (1am,3am,5am,7am…..,11am,3pm,5pm etc))

N.B: If you receive a registration acceptance email from the IEDR, you cannot use our client area to modify the DNS until the domain is live in the IE zone (after the next zone reload).

  • If you provided your own DNS servers at signup, the IEDR will verify these DNS servers are authoritive for your domain before pushing the domain live. If you’ve not set up your domain at your hosting provider, do so ASAP. You will receive an error in the client area if you try and change these before they are set up and verified by the IEDR. Allow 2-3 hours after acceptance email before changing DNS.
  • If you did not specify DNS servers at signup, we will use ours but it will be several hours before you can modify the DNS via the LetsHost client area if you wish to do so (3-4 hours from acceptance email).
  • If you bought hosting with LetsHost, you won’t want to change DNS and do not need to worry about this at all.