By default when logging in to your account via FTP, FileZilla will force a connection with TLS, which is not supported on our shared servers. To be able to log in to your account with FileZilla, you will need to use the Site Manager to set up a connection that does not use TLS. Please see the following on how to do this.

In FileZilla, click on File > Site Manager > New Site and enter in the following settings:

General Tab:

  • Host: [The same IP address/domain name you were using]
  • Port: 21
  • Protocol: FTP
  • Encryption: Only use plain FTP
  • Logon type: Normal
  • Username: [your FTP username]
  • Password: [your FTP password]

Transfer Settings Tab:

  • Transfer mode: Default
  • Limit Number of simultaneous connections: Ticked
  • Maximum number of connections: 5

If you continue to have issues with connecting to your account via FTP after setting the above in FileZilla, please submit a ticket to our Support Dept. with a copy of the activity log in FileZilla and the team will be able to check this further for you.