The padlock means that the information which is being transferred via your website is secure, and it is a great way to ensure that your customers feel confident to use your website.

To have this facility, you would need an SSL Cert. We offer SSL certs for €120.95 + VAT per domain per year.

If you have more then one domain that you need an SSL certificate to cover you could get a ‘Multi-Domain’ SSL certificate for €228.95 + VAT.
This will cover 3 domains (e.g.,, and you can add more domains for only €20 + VAT per extra domain.

We also have ‘Wildcard’ SSL certificates which will cover all of your  subdomains for €228.95 + VAT.
A subdomain is the part that comes before the main part of the domain e.g.

Finally for the gold standard SSL Cert for Ecommerce Businesses we offer an ‘Extended Validation’ SSL, which not only provides the lock also comes with a generous $1,000,000 warranty. This is priced at €344.95 + VAT per year.

Feel free to get in contact with our Sales Department today and they will be happy to advise on which SSL Cert option is most suited to you and your business.