In order to register a .ie domain, you simply need to show your connection to Ireland. Gone are the days where you had to fax a letter to explain how the domain relates to you and/or your business.

To register a .ie domain name for your business/company, you can place an order on our website and when asked to show your connection to Ireland, select the second option ‘A business (LTD company, RBN Sole trader)’.

You will then be asked to provide one of the following:

  • CRO/RBN number
  • VAT number
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Irish/European Community Trademark number
  • WIPO Trademark number
  • Registered Charity number

Alternatively, if you already have a .ie domain name registered and wish to register this new domain with the same owner details, you simply need to confirm your existing .ie domain with your order and we can Fastpass your application.

If you are providing a CRO number to register a .ie domain to your limited company, please ensure your company name is provided exactly as is on the CRO website, as this will speed up your .ie domain name application.

If you need any more information here, please get in contact with our Sales team and they will be happy to check it for you.