Your LetsHost hosting account comes with a free spam filtering feature – Apache SpamAssassin. Please see the following steps to set up the filter:

  • Log in to your LetsHost Client Area and click on Services > My Services
  • You will see your products/services listed out here. Click on Active beside your hosting package
  • On the left, click on the link Login to cPanel
  • Once logged in to cPanel, click on the Spam Filters icon under the Email Header and then Enable Apache SpamAssassin

The Score on the filter will be set to 5 by Default. The level of the Score (between 0-10) will determine how strict the filter will be – 1 being the strictest (more email being labelled as spam) and 10 being the most lenient (less email being labelled as spam).

Apache SpamAssassin Configuration allows you to manage the Filters Blacklist and Whitelist. The blacklist is a list of email addresses that will always be flagged as Spam and the whitelist is a list of email addresses that will never be flagged as Spam.

By default just enabling the spam filter will mark mail with ****SPAM**** in the subject line of the mail, but will still arrive to the inbox.
To filter the mail instead to a seperate folder such as the Junk folder navigate back to the cPanel home page (click home/cPanel logo in the top right)

  • Click Email Filters
  • Click Manage Filters beside the email address you want to add a filter for
  • Click Create a New Filter
  • Give a descriptive name on what type of mail the filter will be used for
  • You can set your own rules here as required, however this tutorial will focus on mails marked with ****SPAM**** in the subject line as per the default.

  • In the first dropdown (on the left) select the “Spam Status” option
  • In the second dropdown select the “begins with” option
  • in the text box enter ” Yes ” (without “”)
  • Under Actions select the Deliver to Folder option.
  • Click the Browse button
  • Choose the folder you want the mail to be filtered to (Junk etc.)
  • Click Create

The Apache SpamAssassin feature that comes with your account is a basic filter that works most of the time, but you may find some spam email still coming through to your account. In this case, we would recommend taking a look at our paid-for spam filtering service. This is an industrial-strength spam filter that LetsHost use for all our own mail.

If you require further information/assistance on this, please submit a ticket and a member of the team will be happy to assist further.