SpamAssassin is an email filtering tool which helps to filter or stop receiving incoming spam or unwanted emails. Whitelisting an email address means that emails from that address will bypass SpamAssassin’s filters. Please see the following steps to add a domain or email address to SpamAssassin’s whitelist:

  • Login to your cPanel
  • Click Spam Filters
  • Click Show Additional Configurations
  • Click Edit Spam Whitelist Settings
  • Click Add New “Whitelist_from” item
  • Enter the email address or *@domain (replace “domain” with the domain you want to whitelist. This will whitelist all email addresses on that domain)
  • Click the blue Update Whitelist(whitelist_from) button to save.

If you require further information/assistance on this, please submit a ticket and a member of the team will be happy to assist further.