There are a number of way in which you can reset the password for your WordPress admin section. If you have access to your admin panel you can reset your password by clicking on Users, clicking on your Username (often set to admin) and scrolling down to the section for New Password. Enter in the new password and click the Update profile button. Your new password will now be set.

If you do not have access to the admin section it is possible to reset the password using the email address you set as contact for that User. First go to your WordPress Login page, it will have a URL similar to and click on the link for Lost Password. You will be taken to a page to put in some details. Enter your username or the email address on file for that account. Wait until the new password has been emailed to you. Once you get your new password, log in and change it to something you can remember on your profile page using the instructions given above.

If neither of these methods work there is one final way to change the password. You can reset the password by editing the website database directly. As this is beyond the scope of support we offer, we do not have any step-by-step instructions here. You will find more information by going to the official WordPress Support website.