If you want to have your designer or a 3rd party FTP data to your website but don’t want to give them your main cPanel or FTP details, then you can create a “sub-FTP” account which allows them access to a specific directory within your account.

  • Log in to your LetsHost client area and click on Services > My Services
  • You will see your products/services listed out here.
  • Click on Active beside your hosting package
  • On the left, click on the link Login to cPanel
  • Once in the cPanel control panel, click on the icon for FTP Accounts under the Files section
  • First create the FTP username
    • Log in = a name or descriptor such as “Developer”
    • Choose from the Domain dropdown the domain you want to provide access to
    • As per the above the FTP username will = Developer@yourdomain.ie
  • Next set a Password for the FTP account
  • Next you will need to set the Directory for the FTP account
    • The “Directory” is where the website files will be uploaded to
    • Generally this will be public_html if you are giving access to the main domain for your account
    • Or if you are giving access to a addon domain enter public_html/yourdomain.ie
  •  Finally set a Quota, generally it is fine to set this to Unlimited
  • Click Create FTP Account

Please click here to get instructions on how to connect to the new FTP account, to an FTP client and start uploading your website.

If you require further information/assistance on this, please submit a ticket and a member of the team will be happy to assist further.