One of the most common ways to upload website files to your hosting account is to use an FTP client. One of the most popular of these is called FileZilla. FileZilla is freely available and cross platform, and you can download it via the official website.

After you have installed FileZilla you can log in to your hosting account and start uploading your website files. You will find the FTP login details (Host, User, Password) in your ‘Hosting Account – Welcome Email’. If you need this email resent to you, please let us know.

To be able to login to your shared hosting account with FileZilla, you will need to use the Site Manager. Please see the following on how to do this:

  • In FileZilla, click on ‘Site Manager’ on the top left
  • Click ‘New Site’
  • Enter in your Host/Server name
  • Enter in your FTP Username
  • Enter in your FTP Password
  • Click ‘Connect’

Advanced settings:

  • In the Site Manager click on the “Transfer Settings” tab
  • Transfer mode: Default
  • Tick Limit number of simultaneous connections
  • Maximum number of connections = 8

Once you have logged in you will notice FileZilla is essentially split up into a left and right hand side pane. The left shows your files and folders on your computer and the right shows the files/folders of your hosting account.

To upload files to your website simply click and drag the files from the left hand pane to the directory of your choice on the right hand pane. All files that you wish to be viewable on the internet must go into ‘public_html’ or one of its sub-directories.

If you require further information/assistance on this, please submit a ticket and a member of the team will be happy to assist further.