You can bypass this error by setting up the FTP connection in the Site Manager.

In FileZilla, click on File > Site Manager > New Site and enter in the following settings:

General Tab:

  • Host: [The same IP address/domain name you were using]
  • Port: 21
  • Protocol: FTP
  • Encryption: Only use plain FTP
  • Logon type: Normal
  • Username: [your FTP username]
  • Password: [your FTP password]

Transfer Settings Tab:

  • Transfer mode: Default
  • Limit Number of simultaneous connections: Ticked
  • Maximum number of connections: 8

If you continue to have issues with connecting to your account via FTP after setting the above in FileZilla, please submit a ticket to our Support team with a copy of the activity log in FileZilla and the team will be able to check this further for you.