This guide covers moving website data from a previous hosting provider to LetsHost. If you want to move your domain name (e.g. the web address and manage this under your account), please see our guide on transferring a domain to LetsHost.

We would recommend that you allow at least two weeks before the contract with your previous provider is finished, ensuring that you test your site after moving, and create full backups of your website data. Make sure you have full backups of your site, ensuring to include website files and MySQL databases. Your previous provider should have guides on this process and be able to assist with taking backups in their control panel.

If you have a hosting account with LetsHost, you are ready to upload files to your account. If you do not have a hosting account with us, please see our shared hosting plans page for more information or contact us.

If you have created a hosting account with the same domain name, then you need to upload the website files into your public_html folder in your hosting plan. If you have a hosting account under a different domain name to the website, you will need to set up an addon domain and then upload the files to the folder associated with it.

Then you will also need to create the database, create a database user, and import the database using phpMyAdmin with an SQL file you have from the previous host. Please note that you may need to change settings in the configuration file of your content management system (e.g. wp-config.php in the case of WordPress) to link your site to the new database.

To test your site before repointing your domains DNS, please view our guides for Windows or for macOS.

In order to repoint your domain, you need to update nameservers to point to your LetsHost hosting account. Nameservers for your hosting account are listed in your Hosting Welcome E-Mail. You will need to update these with your current domain name provider. If you have your own mail server, or wish to keep the existing email provider, please contact us. If there are additional services tied to your domain name, you may need to copy over DNS records from your previous provider.

If you require further information/assistance on this, please submit a ticket and a member of the team will be happy to assist further.