If you wish to change where your email is being hosted, you need to edit its MX record. If you have a hosting account with LetsHost, please visit this link for instructions on how to edit your MX record. If you are using the Managed DNS feature in your client area for your domains DNS setup, please see the following steps on how to edit your MX record.

  • Login to your client area and click on Domains > Managed DNS
  • Click the Edit option, it is the first option next to your domain name
  • Click ‘Add Record’
  • For ‘Name’ add your domain name, for ‘Type’ chose MX, for ‘Rdata’, preference enter the priority and exchange is the destination
  • Add Record
  • Repeat the above steps until you added all the MX records

Note: Please make sure your domain is pointing to ns9.dnsireland.com and ns10.dnsireland.com.

If you require further information to the above, please submit a ticket via your client area and a member of the team will be happy to advise.