SSH (Secure Shell) is a network protocol used for secure data communication between a server and a client (You) to perform actions such as command-line login and authentication, remote command execution, and even data transfer. So in order to keep the communication between you and a server secure from the preying eyes of hackers, there are programs that implement SSH protocols mainly by using strong encryption methods to help you achieve that.

To connect to your server using SSH you will first need to download an SSH program, we would suggest PuTTY which is the most popular one for windows. You can download putty here. You can then install it like you would any other program. Once the install is finished, launch PuTTY and a configuration window will appear.

In the configuration window you will be able to enter in the information to connect to your server. For Hostname (or IP address) give the IP
address of your server, Connection type is to be set to SSH and the port set to 22. From here click Open.#
When you first connect to the server you will likely received a security warning, this is normal, click Yes on this message. This should only occur
during your first connection. You will now be connected to the server but you will need to finish logging in. In the terminal that has opened you
will be asked “Login as” this is the username you’re using to login and by default it will be root . Click enter and you will then be asked for your
password, this is the password for the VPS and if you’re using cPanel, it will be the same as the WHM password. Enter the password in here. Please
note PuTTY will not function the same as most application, if you’re looking to paste the password in your will simply need to right click as
opposed to using Ctrl+V. You will now be logged in to the VPS.