Some types of websites (for example WordPress) work with a database to store you content and generate information. Once you have created a database, you will then need to create a user and then grant this user access to the database. For steps on how to do this, please see the following.

First, to create a database user:

  • Log in to your LetsHost client area and click on Services > My Services
  • You will see your products/services listed out here. Click on Active beside your hosting package
  • On the menu on the left, click on Login to cPanel
  • Once logged in to your cPanel control panel, click on the icon for MySQL Databases
  • Scroll down to MySQL Users
  • Under Add New User fill in the username and password and click Create User. Please note the password set as you will need this when setting up your script or content management system.

Then, you will need to add the user to the database, click Go Back:

  • Scroll down to MySQL Users
  • Under Add User To Database, select the username and database and click Add
  • You will be brought to the Manage User Privileges screen. Select All Privileges, or the ones recommended in your CMS installation guide
  • Click Make Changes to add the user to the database

If you require further information/assistance on this, please submit a ticket and a member of the team will be happy to assist further.