If you have uploaded your website but cannot see it online there may be some simple reasons for this.

1 – You can see a LetsHost holding page but not your website.

Resolution: Please remove the index.php file from public_html and ensure your home page is called “index.html / .htm / .php / .pl etc). Make sure your file is called index with a lower case i.

2 – You have removed the LetsHost holding page but cannot see the files you have uploaded

Resolution: Please ensure your files have been published to public_html. All files to be shown online must be located in this directory in order for them to appear online.

3 – I see my old website with my old provider or the web page doesn’t connect.

Your domain’s DNS might not be pointing to LetsHost yet if you are transferring from another provider. In the case of a new domain, it may be the case that your new domain is not yet fully registered and not “resolving”. You might need to check back later but if in doubt, please contact our support team and we will gladly tell you the current situation with your domain.