Due to some recent updates to popular email programs, you may need to make some changes to your email settings to continue to be able to send emails. If you are having an issue sending emails (but incoming mail is working fine), you will need to make the following changes to your connection settings:

  • Outgoing mail server should be of the form* ‘LHxx.dnsireland.com’ as opposed to ‘mail.domain.com’
  • Outgoing port number: 465
  • Option to use SSL: Selected
  • Option ‘login to incoming server first’: Selected


*NB: To find out the correct hostname to enter (which replaces ‘LHxx.dnsireland.com’ from above), enter your domain name (without WWW) and click Lookup!

If you require any further information/assistance here, please submit a ticket via your client area. Please include in your ticket the exact settings your have in your email client and a copy of the error message you get when you try send emails. This will allow our Support team to assist you much more efficiently.